Gatherings and experiences that connect you–one table at a time

To convene your team, customers, and community, offer a great time and a seat at your table, and build better relationships.

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We have lots of opportunities to come together in person and online. But our interactions aren’t always meaningful or satisfying.

Whether it’s training, a conference, management summit, or community space, many of our in-person gatherings lack purpose and care. As a result, they don’t connect and delight your attendees or yield the results you want.

And when we gather online, there’s always a screen separating us. It’s the same screen separating you, your team members, and the people that could be your customers. It’s jam-packed with opportunities. But it doesn’t come without a few drawbacks.

While our screens connect us to customers globally, they have removed many of the lovely, sensorial elements that make us feel alive. Warm conversations, firm handshakes, contagious laughter, delicious aromas of coffee or freshly baked croissants, and close human connections help brands and organizations build long-lasting relationships amongst their team members and with their customers.

I have news for you: screens aren’t going anywhere (not anytime soon anyway). Nor is our desire to gather. But I believe that if we want to make our interactions more meaningful or satisfying, we need to design them. We need to design how we come together. My solution is a unique blend of food, design, and facilitation.

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I’ve helped people gather since 2011 (though 1993 is more accurate)

I believe in the power of design to build community or create belonging, whether it’s in your workplace, neighborhood, or restaurant.

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Multi-Cultural Perspective

As a globetrotter and tastemaker who has lived in 6+ countries, I bring flavors, colors, and inspirations from around the world into your project to awaken your senses, stir curiosity, and connect people.


Food Experience Specialist

I help you create connective, transformative experiences that not only feed your guests well, but also leave them feeling nourished in body, mind, and spirit.


Community Strategist

I use my 10+ years in food & hospitality and my facilitation skills to bring out the magic in your people and create collaborative environments that motivate your team to change.

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Stories of Connection

See the impact of connecting gatherings and experiences on organizations and teams like yours.

Kids playing cards at 1, 2, 3... Storie Festival by La Coccinella

How this day care personnel stopped silo working and joined forces to co-design the new child-friendly food service

“Playing with food” helped the cooks, teachers, and cleaners learn to collaborate and find meaning in their work.


Forget business cards! How MELT connected guests over a communal dining experience and…potted herbs

The MELT conference increased connections between guests through a feast of food, flowers, and carefully-designed interactions, tightening the local business community.

Podcast Portraits Veronica Fossa

The Nourishing Workplace

Learn from entrepreneurs and business leaders globally who are transforming their work culture from unappetizing to mouthwatering from their company table, and building a following.

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Veronica’s ideas opened us to exploring the possibilities and positive impact that gathering around food could create for our business. Now, our beautiful, carefully prepared, and thoughtfully shared food helps our clients build friendships and has made working with us even more enjoyable.

VF Clients Amanda and Simon Cookson
Amanda & Simon CooksonFounders Northern Value Creators, Sheffield, UK
Learn how a ubiquitous object like a table could become your most important gathering tool. Watch now
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