Gatherings and experiences that connect–one table at a time

Convene your team, customers, and community, offer them a great time and a seat at your table, and build better relationships.

Your events, experiences, and spaces shouldn’t fail to connect

Today we need human connections more than ever. To lift our spirits. To feel like a community again during these pandemic-exhausting days. To make our team members, customers, and community feel seen and safe in the space we invite them into. And, to build long-lasting relationships.

Yet, even though we have plenty of opportunities to come together, many of our events, experiences, and spaces fail to connect us.

Here’s the good news: you can nurture connections within your team, organization, and community starting now with the nourishing power of food and the shared table.

This is for you if you’re looking to:

Nurture and develop a caring company culture

Take care of your employees’ emotional health during challenging times

Attract and retain talents

Help your multicultural team solve complex problems

Keep interactions meaningful and warm despite the physical distance

Find fresh and engaging ways to build a community around your brand

Meet Veronica Fossa, gathering designer and speaker

I’ve spent the last fifteen years studying and helping people ​get together. Most of all, I get it. I’ve been a host and an attendee. The new person at the gathering, on the job, and in town. I know what distance and loneliness mean. Now, I’m making my tools and strategy available to you.

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Stories of Connection

See the impact of connecting gatherings and experiences on organizations and teams like yours.

Kids playing cards at 1, 2, 3... Storie Festival by La Coccinella

How this day care personnel stopped silo working and joined forces to co-design the new child-friendly food service

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A MELT Forum staff sets the table, pouring sparkling wine in the coupes

Forget business cards! How MELT Forum connected guests over a communal dining experience and…potted herbs

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Podcast Portraits Veronica Fossa

Tune in to The Nourishing Workplace

Learn from entrepreneurs and business leaders globally who are transforming their work culture from unappetizing to mouthwatering from their company table, and building a following.

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Veronica’s ideas opened us to exploring the possibilities and positive impact that gathering around food could create for our business. Our beautiful, carefully prepared, and thoughtfully shared food has helped our clients build friendships and has made working with us even more enjoyable.

VF Clients Amanda and Simon Cookson
Amanda & Simon CooksonFounders Northern Value Creators Sheffield, UK

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