From Messy Ideas to Meaningful Gatherings

It doesn’t matter if you sell coffee machines or childcare services. If you’re an employee experience manager. A conference organizer. Or an entrepreneur. You probably need to gather and connect your team, customers, and community.

I can help you go pro through the nourishing power of food and the shared table. Well-designed spaces, intentional conversations, and generous leadership.

Interested in kicking things off? Create your project brief below. If it looks like a good fit, I’ll follow up to schedule a call.

Questions? Review the FAQs before reaching out!

Booking projects to start in August 2022

First, answer a few questions.

Takes less than boiling spaghetti al dente

Questions? Ask Away!

Do you have a Media Kit?

If you’re an event organizer, podcast host, or a media professional looking for my Media Kit, go to my Press & Media page. Besides my Media Kit, you’ll find more resources that you can copy, paste, and download.

Are you looking for partners?

Yes, if you’re a food & beverage brand, chef, or anyone with complementary products/services, from flowers to interior design, wanting to enter the spaces for belonging and connection. Create your brief and share all about yourself.

How do I contact you for an interview?

Start off by checking my Press & Media page. You’ll find my Media Kit and resources that you can copy, paste, and download, including a list of questions that you can ask me or use to come up with your own. Then fill out the form to request an interview.

I’d love to intern with you. Do you take interns?

I do, starting in autumn 2022. Think we could learn from each other? Create a brief by filling out the form. Tell me about yourself, why you want to work with me, and where you’re based ​​— I’ve welcomed remote interns since 2015. (Read what’s like to intern with me here)

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