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“Another dinner with my husband’s clients? No way! I don’t know anyone. I’ll end up getting bored. I’ll find an excuse and won’t go!”

Would you like to hear that about your event? I wouldn’t. But that’s probably what people say about your event when you aren’t in the room…

In this free guide, you’ll learn how to design and host gatherings that bring people together and truly nurture connections between them. So your guests will go from “Oh no! Another event? To “I can’t miss it! Can’t wait to see what [insert your name] has in store for us this time and the people I’ll meet!” 

“If you’re a marketing leader who wants to create and nurture genuine connections with your community and not just another gathering, this fun-to-read guide is a must-read! You’ll learn the most important yet often underestimated elements of a good people connection—all with Veronica’s gentle and unmistakable style.”
Gisele Medeiros
Gisele MedeirosBrand Strategist

What you’ll learn in this free, gorgeously readable, devour-in-one-sitting guide

You’ll discover secrets not even pros know—because most are Veronica Fossa®—like:

Why connection doesn’t happen magically and how you can use design to make it happen.

When you should communicate your intentions instead of making your guests uncomfortable.

How to save your gathering even if you’ve never done it before (and why you’ll love it).

The (surprising) role of tables in nurturing connections, which you can use immediately.

And so much more…

Created by a gathering designer with 10+ years of international experience

In this free ebook, you’ll discover five secrets occasional event designers like you can use to bring people together and easily create connections in ways you’d have never imagined. Stop waiting for the end-of-year party or approval from the financial department—you can apply these secrets anytime with any budget and experience.

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After just 9 min of reading, you’ll feel:

More excited to design your next gathering, even if you have no experience

Less stressed about taking the initiative to nurture connections, unlike so far

More creative, even if so far you've always stressed out by the idea of hosting an event


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5 Secrets you Need to Know Before Designing & Hosting your Next Connecting Event

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