Be the host with the most and the least stress!

Get customized, expert advice to design and host any in-person gathering with complete confidence.

Quick! I have space only for a few clients this spring. 

Veronica Fossa speaking at a get together, showing that she can offer online event consulting.

Event designing and hosting can be overwhelming, stressful, and confusing, especially if you do this besides your HR or marketing job or are new to gathering people.

But imagine for a moment if you could easily take on common challenges like these:

With lockdowns and events on halt, I don’t know why our conference exists anymore. Shall we resume it? Think of a new format? I’m looking for directions.”

“We already have a venue, which I haven’t chosen, but I can’t see its potential. It’s soulless, like most meeting rooms and event spaces. Help!”

“I have some new ideas I want to test to engage our team members during our upcoming offsite. But what if they’ll find my ideas silly?”

“I’ve put together a mood board because I’ve read that’s how you start a project. And it was fun! But I wonder—what do I do with it now?”

(Or any other challenge that bothers you right now)

If you could easily take on challenges like those…

Maybe you’d recognize that your once-disliked venue is full of potential you couldn’t see at first.

Perhaps you’d stop thinking that your ideas are silly and confidently present your plan for the upcoming retreat to your leadership team.

Or maybe, you’d finally realize that your conference is at a turning point and need to sit down with your co-founders to review your “why’s.”

Sure, you could scroll the internet for random advice for hours and hours and find no answers.

OR you could have an expert eye (and ear) just for your challenge. Receive practical advice that you could apply immediately. Some guidance. (After all, you can’t see the picture if you are in the frame, can you?)

With the remote event consulting Gathering Tune-Up, you can remove the stress and confusion of event designing and hosting while keeping the fun.

Gathering Tune-up: your on-demand event sounding board.

A review of your event’s purpose? Help on how to make the most of your not-so-ideal venue? Feedback on your ideas to engage your guests? Anything else? This remote event consulting hour-long session for IRL events will give you the confidence to be a host with the most—without the stress.

Quick! I have space only for a few clients this spring. 

(Need more guidance over time? Help to stay on track with your planning? You can book additional sessions or monthly check-ins.)

This is for you if…

You’re a HR manager & leader

You know how to help your team members and employees succeed, not how to design events that celebrate them.

You’re a marketing manager

You’re responsible for corporate events (besides many other responsibilities) and need a hand.

You’re a conference organizer or planner

You can’t see the full picture of your gathering because you’re also “in the frame.”

You’re a beginner or occasional gatherer

You’ve just started but want to be seen as a pro-architect of your memorable bash. 

Picture it: you click on the beetroot red button that says “book & pay now,” pick a time, and ask your questions live.

Choose a Time

And pay for your session. (Super easy!) Then, in the questionnaire, you can share your challenges to get the most out of your call.

Receive Guidance

You’ll get suggestions on what you can or need to fix, change, improve, or enhance. (Bring your mood boards or floor plans!)

Review and Refine

Within 48 hours, you’ll receive a recap email to keep as a memo. Meaning you can return to what we discussed whenever you need.

“Clients have built friendships, and working with us has become more enjoyable.”

Veronica’s ideas opened us to exploring the possibilities and positive impact that gathering around food could create for our business. Beautiful, carefully prepared, and thoughtfully shared food has helped our clients build friendships and made working with us more enjoyable.
Amanda & Simon CooksonFounders, Northern Value Creators, Sheffield, UK

What you get when you book a Gathering Tune-Up session

You’ll get

Pre-session Questionnaire

1hr-Meeting (on Zoom)

Recap Email

Quick! I have space only for a few clients this spring. 


Is a Gathering Tune-Up right for me?

… and answers to other smart questions:

If you have an event challenge and need expert advice quickly, then yes! Whether it’s feedback on your event’s purpose, an opinion on how to make the most of your not-so-ideal venue, or a second opinion on your incredible ideas to engage your guests, booking a Gathering Tune-Up session will give you the confidence (and the answers you need) to move forward with your gathering.

If you:

  • See the value of 1:1 coaching. 
  • Have a specific challenge that we could tackle in 60 minutes.
  • Need individualized feedback before taking action.
  • Let small decisions keep you stuck rather than dive in, get messy, and do the work.

Then a Gathering Tune-Up is perfect for you.

Business and design conference organizers, leadership team leaders, offsite designers for a fast-growing startup, and food entrepreneurs. Ideally, you’re the primary decision-maker responsible for the event.

In this 60-minute session, you can get answers to specific questions. If you’re looking for an in-depth audit or analysis of your gathering, then email me.

Everything is online—no need to travel anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

Anytime you need one-off insights, feedback, or a second opinion on your gathering and business challenges.

Or you can book ongoing monthly sessions to stay on track and keep yourself accountable. (I’ve heard that it works!)

297€. A Gathering Tune-Up also includes prep time on my end, using the customer insights and info you send me and my research—so by the time you talk to me face-to-face, I’ll be bursting with ideas on how to tune up your gathering.

You can check the calendar for the available dates. If you can’t find a time that suits you, email me.

A Gathering Tune-Up is non-refundable. I do everything I can to make your experience outstanding. But if you believe you have not gotten any value from our conversation, say so at the end of the call, and I’ll see what I can do

A Gathering Tune-Up is a one-on-one session. Meaning that only one person can join the call. Ideally, the primary decision-maker responsible for the event. If you’re looking for a team workshop, email me.

If you’re unaware of what you need to know and what’s just a shiny object, all the free information in the world won’t help. 

Also, free advice on the internet is generic​​from someone who knows nothing about your business and goals.

So if you’re on the fence, ask yourself this question: what would benefit your organization most if you could choose between the undivided attention, knowledge, and taste of an expert with fifteen years of international experience vs. random advice from someone on the web?

Sure! Let me know if you need one after you’ve booked and paid for your session.

Can’t see your question answered here? You can get in touch for more information.

Portrait of Veronica Fossa

Hi there! I’m Veronica Fossa; as an event designer, I offer online event consulting to tune up your gathering.

Designing and hosting a gathering can be overwhelming. I know that because events have been my bread and butter for the last fifteen years. (I even have a master’s degree in Economics of Entertainment).

Amongst others, I opened a pop-up restaurant from a car’s boot in the Helsinki Design District. I also designed a lunch format to simultaneously bring good food to 20 workplaces in 14 countries. How about that Italian supper club I hosted in embargo Moscow?

So, whether you’re a newbie in the art of connection or a master event designer looking for a second opinion, I’ve got you covered.

“We could provide a different, more curated event experience than the typical conference dinner.”

With MELT Forum, we were determined to provide a different event experience than the typical conference dinner and instead highly curate it—and here, Veronica helped us make a difference.
Veronica Fossa Clients -Dagmar Kase
Dagmar KäseProject Manager, MELT Forum 2016 & Tallinn Creative Hub, Tallinn, Estonia

What you get when you book a Gathering Tune-Up session

You’ll get

Pre-session Questionnaire

1hr-Meeting (on Zoom)

Recap Email

Last call! Sign up for your event to get a Gathering Tune-Up this spring!

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