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Sample Questions

Want to give your audience actionable advice for designing gatherings around food that elevate and celebrate a rich, satisfying life? Ask me these questions or use them to come up with your own.

  1. You’ve carved a unique niche for yourself; you design togetherness. What does this mean? What do you do?
  2. Why is it essential to design togetherness today?
  3. Your story is unusual. You moved abroad from Italy at 21 for an exchange, lived all over the Nordic countries, and set your base in Helsinki. Can you briefly walk us through the steps that led you to start your own food business in Finland?
  4. What have you learned from living there?
  5. Italians love to eat (and we all love Italian food). So even though you don’t work with Italian food, you’re deeply influenced by Italian culture. Could you tell me more?
  6. You believe that food experiences can be designed and help people achieve a larger purpose beyond just feeding them. What do you mean by that?
  7. What is your process for designing an experience? Can you give me a couple of practical examples?
  8. Your work has taken you far and wide. Amongst others, you’ve facilitated sessions for the staff of a cooperative of daycare centers, helping them co-design child-friendly food services that filled them with pride and purpose. You’ve hosted events to introduce workplace professionals to the ritual of making coffee and inspiring them to invent creative, meaningful ways to convene over it. You’ve also designed colorful conference food experiences that bridged speakers and attendees and maximized connections. So which project makes you most proud? And why?
  9. Who would most benefit from working with you?
  10. What are some of the biggest mistakes you see people make with their experiences?
  11. If you had to give 2 or 3 tips to people looking to improve their gatherings? Where should they start?
  12. You host a podcast called The Nourishing Workplace. What is it about? What can people learn by listening to it? What are the top 3 episodes you recommend checking out, and why?
  13. What is the one thing you want listeners to take away from this conversation?
  14. Where can people go to learn more about you?

Press & Media Info


Veronica is a gathering, and food experience strategist and designer, facilitator, and speaker, helping leaders and brands create extraordinary, connecting gatherings and spaces that taste, look, and feel good.

Growing up in Italy, she has always cherished great meals and conversations. But during her first work experience abroad, she noticed that her colleagues skipped lunch to continue working. However, she knew that they’d have been happier and more engaged if they had found ways to convene at the table because of her experience growing up. Only by feasting at Restaurant Day in Helsinki in 2011 did she finally understand that you can design togetherness. Much like you design a chair or a lamp, you can also design a food experience that builds community or creates belonging, whether it’s in your workplace, neighborhood, or restaurant. So, with her former teammates in mind, Veronica set about designing food gatherings and concepts for connection, wellbeing, and togetherness.

Since her first concept, a pop-up floral brunch at a florist, she has created countless colorful and connective experiences at conferences, festivals, daycare centers, workplaces, and online. With her podcast, The Nourishing Workplace, she has helped leaders embrace the art of food, community, and hospitality to create more human and connected employee experiences and businesses. She also lectured and spoke at various business design events and master’s programs all over Europe, Russia, and Thailand. Learn more at VeronicaFossa.Com.  

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M.Sc. in Economics. Minor in Economics, Management, and Technology of Entertainment and Arts from Jonkoping International Business School (JIBS), Sweden

Year abroad at the International Design Business Management (IDBM) program at Aalto University, Finland

B.A. in Economics and Management of Arts and Culture from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy

Semester abroad at University of Helsinki, Finland


Based in Vicenza, Italy. I’ve lived in six countries. Spoke in person to audiences in seven countries and countless online. Visited thirty-six countries. Working remotely since 2015.


Loves making and eating homemade ice cream, collecting hats, visiting antique markets, and learning about colors.

Social Media


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Podcast & Webinars

Conference Talks

Job Forum “The (new) jobs explained to your grandma” Alumni University of Padua, Padua (ITA)

La cultura del mangiar bene arriva in azienda: perché offrire un’esperienza gastronomica ai propri dipendenti non riguarda più solo le aziende tech come Airbnb o Google.

December 2019

Circular Economy in the Food Industry, CUOA Business School, Vicenza (ITA)

Circular Food: The Impact of Food Programs on Company Culture

September 2019

Walking, Whisky, Wellness, Aviemore (GBR)

Creating Belonging at Work through Food

October 2018

Milan Design Week’s Fuorisalone, Milan (ITA)

Brewing strong work culture

April 2018

Kultuurikatel, Tallinn (EST)

Why lunch is important to you and your organization

December 2017

Design Thinking Camp Moscow, Moscow (RUS)

​​How might we design food solutions for the future of work?

August 2017

Commis Made, Gdansk (POL)

Food for happiness: Utopia or reality?

July 2016

TEDxAveiro 2017, Aveiro (PRT)

Design for inclusion with food

May 2017

Chiang Mai Design Week, Chiang Mai (THA)

Food, I love you, but we could do better together!

December 2016

Tallinn Design Festival, Tallinn (EST)

Food Design

September 2016

Kultuurikatel, Tallinn (EST)

Food Culture and Urbanism: Trends & design tools to thrive in the experience economy

September 2015

Street Food Festival Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad (RUS)

Foodscapes and cities: a love story

August 2014

Podcast, Webinars, & Radio Appearances

Brand the Change Skillshare Session

How to create a purpose-driven gathering that nurtures connection

September 2023

The Design Thinking Zeal

#33 Exploring with the five senses

October 2021

Leaders in Conversation with Amanda Cookson & Ken Blackwell

What’s lost by fitting in?

October 2020

The Happy Startup Entrepreneur with Carlos Saba

Progress not perfection with Veronica Fossa

August 2020

Love It Leave It Podcast with Samatha Clarke

Episode #11 with Veronica Fossa


Food Design by Dr. Francesca Zampollo

Designing workplace food culture | Live Food Design Webinar with Veronica Fossa


FutureCo. Podcast

Talking food design with Veronica Fossa


Muse Radio

Episode 26: Veronica Fossa


BBC Radio 4

The Latte Linguists and Other Espresso Entrepreneurs with Veronica Fossa


Blog & Magazines Features

Pillows Hotels Magazine N°2

Spring/Summer 2018


April 2018





Spaghetti Mag


I first heard Veronica speak at Walking, Whisky, Wellness, where she stood by an open fire sharing food stories. Her talk about belonging was so inspirational that it transformed how our business thinks about and uses food in our workshops. Veronica has also been a guest on my Leaders in Conversation webinar series. I recommend her wholeheartedly for speaking engagements. A very generous speaker, Veronica’s lovely to work with.
VF Clients Amanda and Simon Cookson
Amanda CooksonCo-founder Northern Value Creators, Sheffield, UK

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