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Inspiring Keynote: Designing togetherness through food

Perfect for: Business and thought leaders, founders, HR and culture professionals, change-makers, C-suites
45 min
English, Italian
In-house, outdoors or online

How to design food experiences at your office that feed belonging and nurture human connection.

Speaking Walking Whisky Wellness
Speaking Tallinn

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We’ll have an in-depth conversation about your event, goals, and dreams. I “get it” because I’m not just a speaker; I’m also an event producer. So I always ensure that my topic and presentation align with the needs of your audience.


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Even though we are both self-confessed foodies, we never thought about bringing that passion and enjoyment of food into our client meetings or events. Veronica’s ideas opened us to exploring the possibilities and positive impact that gathering around food could create for our business. Our beautiful, carefully prepared, and thoughtfully shared food has helped our clients build friendships and has made working with us even more enjoyable.

VF Clients Amanda and Simon Cookson
Amanda & Simon CooksonFounders Northern Value Creators, Sheffield, UK

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Gathering Strategy, Design & Production

Perfect for daring, colorful, and intelligent leaders and progressive companies who lead with generosity, strive to deliver meaning and authenticity, care for their audiences, and aren’t afraid to experiment.
Suitable for any intimate-to-less-so gatherings, from conferences to company events, offsites, retreats, and product launches seeking to create new stories of togetherness. Stories that nurture close human connections and build long-lasting relationships with teams and customers.

Anyone can gather people. But not everyone can do it well and effectively. Creating a gathering requires training your empathy muscle. What’s your audience expecting? How can you surprise them? How can you create a concept that aligns with your brand?

Sometimes you’re too close to your own work, and that’s when you know you should seek a helping hand.

I step in to help leaders and progressive companies design gatherings from strategy to concept, design, and production using my unique blend of food, design and hosting.

Questions we address: 

  • What the purpose of your gathering is, and why your purpose determines your format. (Sometimes, it’s worth going big with your lunch experience. Other times, a well-designed coffee break does a much better job).
  • How to capture the sense of place and get inputs from the physical environment to inform the concept.
  • How to craft a theme that brings your message to life over every surface, product, person, interaction, and point of contact.
  • How to engage your guests and why hosting and facilitating is a form of leadership you should take on.
  • What conversational starters, scripts, and tools pull your guests towards the topics that seize their time together.
  • What type of gathering partners to seek for your gathering and how to vet them.

And more.

How it Works


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See your Ideas Jazz Up

Here’s when the magic happens—your vision blossoms into a beautiful experience. Of course, there are a gazillion more steps (but, no need to know those now). You’ll sign off every phase so we won’t get to the design phase, and you’re unhappy with the concept.

For MELT we didn’t want the typical conference dinner, but a highly curated, communal experience—something unheard of in Estonia. Veronica not only helped us make a difference but a memorable success. She formed a clear vision for the project and energetically guided and motivated a large team of 20+ people. She was a pleasure to work with, and we couldn’t have been more satisfied with the result.

Veronica Fossa Clients -Dagmar Kase
Dagmar KaseProject Manager, MELT Forum, Tallinn, Estonia

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