Rather than take my word for it, you can find read what my clients and collaborators had to say about working with me in these testimonials.

When we met Veronica, we instantly knew that working together would have enriched our initiatives and elevated our brand experience. She conceptualized, curated, produced, and hosted a program at our temporary café during Milan Design Week that added a brand-new facet to the experience of drinking coffee, encouraging our community not only to reflect on how coffee is part of the workday but also on our values as individuals, teams, and businesses.
Giada Biondi La Marzocco
Giada BiondiOrganizational Culture and Communications Manager, La Marzocco, Milan, Italy
I hadn’t thought about inviting speakers from overseas, but with Veronica, that became a bonus, not a hindrance. Her heartwarming story about work culture, belonging, and the powerful role food can play in this shed light on an important topic that is normally brushed aside. I learned so much from her and made a life friend too. Work culture is changing, and Veronica is a part of that movement spreading kindness and helping people belong. Hire her and find out how.
VF Clients Penny Lee Walking Whisky Wellness tiny
Penny LeeFounder, Walking Whisky Wellness and The Brand Directoress Ltd®, Sheffield, UK
Veronica is one of those rare people that mixes avid curiosity, creativity, and a clear capacity to execute. She’s also a brave road warrior and very internationally focused, which gives her a rich and understanding perspective. I would work with her anytime on a creative project!
VF Clients Clara Llamas
Clara LlamasSenior Designer at Liveworks, London, UK
Veronica is an amazing storyteller who transports you into imagined spaces filled with the intoxicating aroma of food and the loving warmth of friendship. We are both self–confessed foodies but never thought about bringing that passion and enjoyment of food into our client meetings or events. Veronica’s ideas opened us to exploring the possibilities and positive impact that gathering around food could create for our business. After listening to her talk, we tried some of her suggestions: we started to bring picnics to our introductory meetings and sourced handcrafted health-giving vegan snacks for our workshops. That’s when we noticed a shift: the more we placed the same attention to detail on the food, the way it would be served, eaten, and shared, the more it elevated our experience. Beautiful, carefully prepared, and thoughtfully shared food has helped our clients build friendships and has made working with us even more enjoyable.
VF Clients Amanda and Simon Cookson
Amanda and Simon CooksonFounders Northern Value Creators Sheffield, UK
With MELT Forum, we were determined to provide an event experience that was different from a typical conference dinner, and instead, highly curate it – and here Veronica helped us make a difference. Not only that but a success. With her unique combination of creative and analytical skillset, she formed a clear vision for the project from the start and energetically guided and motivated a large team of 20+ people. She was a pleasure to work with, and we couldn’t have been more satisfied with the result!
Veronica Fossa Clients -Dagmar Kase
Dagmar KaseProject Manager, MELT Forum 2016 & Tallinn Creative Hub, Tallinn, Estonia
Veronica is an expert on contemporary food culture and design. 100% reliable and competent, she was the perfect fit for interviewing the featured artists on Visual Feast and co-authoring the latest food staging and photography book by Gestalten.
VF Clients Anna Koutzenova
Anna KouznetsovaEditor of Visual Feast, gestalten, Berlin, Germany
I was hesitant to do my internship with Veronica. And here is why: like Veronica’s many businesses use the profit+purpose+people card today, but when you start working there, you discover that it’s no bells and whistles. Veronica is different: she believes in community and genuine hospitality and walks the talk. I can’t recall how many times she asked me if I was hungry or thirsty and served me mugs of herbal tea or snacks. That’s just an example, but it shows her approach to service, whether it’s with clients or closest collaborators. I’m saying this as an insider: I wouldn’t think twice before hiring her.
VF Clients Stefano Giacomin Credits Veronica Fossa tiny
Stefano Giacominformer intern, now Junior SEM Manager at Hanseranking GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
Veronica is an energetic and pragmatic storyteller whose ideas highlight emerging lifestyle and consumption trends. Her talk at Chiang Mai Design Week was thought-provoking and helped our audience understand the connection between food and design with examples from her projects. We look forward to working with her again!
Inthaphan Buakeow Chiang Mai Design Week
Inthaphan BuakeowManager, Thailand Creative & Design Center Chiang Mai, Thailand
The Nourishing Workplace podcast features the intersection of profession, creativity, and humanities. Each episode introduces enthusiastic (and sometimes unlikely) experts working to transform corporate cultures. Be it comedians or coffee roasters, these professionals Veronica hosts are invested in nurturing human connections in the otherwise dry workspace through their crafts. I’d recommend the podcast to HR folks in search of fun and meaningful team building workshops as well as to artists who have never dreamt of corporate spaces as their possible venues to make positive changes in our every day.
VF Clients Setsuko Yokoyama
Setsuko YokoyamaUSA
Veronica stood out to our class as an enthusiastic teacher with a genuine interest in our questions and always encouraged our ideas. I appreciated her contemporary and hands-on teaching methodology, which was greatly valued coming from such a creative and relatable entrepreneur. As a student, and today, I continue to be inspired by her work and style!
VF Clients Araminta David
Araminta DavidCulinary Creative & former Food Design Master’s Student at Scuola Politecnica di Design, San Francisco, USA
There are people who are ahead of their time. It’s as if their soul is already there where the majority of us can only get glimpses. These people are discreet, tasteful, relevant, optimistic, and tirelessly pursuing their mission. Veronica is one of those people.

For years, she has been working in various organizations creating the optimal conditions for thriving social interactions, guiding teams successfully through their desired transformation. How does she do that?

First, she holds a systemic view of the experience. Second, she knows like few people do to bring people to peak performance (and this doesn’t have anything to do with sport). Through projects that heighten all of the senses, she evokes sensations and emotions, transforming wellbeing at work into enthusiasm. And then, there are topics, timing, and company goals that Veronica explores like an anthropologist.

Someone calls it ‘naïve understanding’. Other people call it experience, intuition, or personality. In Veronica’s case, it’s a thick fiber of emotional, cognitive, and organizational elements that define the quality of her interactions and efficacy of every action and project she undertakes.

VF Clients Manuel Righele
Manuel RigheleBusiness Coach & Marketing Strategist, Vicenza, Italy
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