Learn how these organizations for good use food and design as ingredients for community and belonging, to gather and connect in playful ways, and give new meanings to their work. Interested in joining them?

The Nourishing Workplace podcast

Hosting and producing the podcast that gives you a seat at the tables of some of the most nourishing workplaces worldwide.

Workplace & Coffee at Milan Design Week with La Marzocco

Teaming up with the high-end coffee machine brand to pull on the nose-popping aroma of coffee to create happy cultures and teams.

La Coccinella day care centers

Bunching together the cooks, teachers, and cleaners of La Coccinella daycare centers to re-design a child-friendly food service that makes them proud and gives meaning to their work.

Business & creativity conference MELT Forum

Helping the MELT conference guests start a conversation and forge new connections through a communal, artful dining experience, a variety of spaces to mingle, and carefully–thought interactions with herbs.

Veronica’s ideas opened us to exploring the possibilities and positive impact that gathering around food could create for our business.

VF Clients Amanda and Simon Cookson
Amanda & Simon CooksonFounders Northern Value Creators Sheffield, UK

Workshops & Lectures

With brand experiences evolving all the time, it’s essential for universities, schools, conferences, and events to bring the newest thoughts on togetherness.

Università Ca’ Foscari

Venice, Italy

Chiang Mai Design Week

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Aveiro, Portugal

Tallinn Design Festival

Tallinn, Estonia

University of Aveiro

Aveiro, Portugal

Jönköping International Business School

Jönköping, Sweden

Master’s in Food Design at Scuola Politecnica di Design

Milan, Italy

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